Welcome to Three Moon Yacht Charters

Step on board the yacht Three Moons and learn about Caribbean yacht charters on a private professionally crewed yacht. Experience the steady sailing waters of the U.S. Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands.

What a fabulous time. We’ve been ALL over the world and this is a TOP 5 vacation. The food, the drinks, the destinations-everything is First CLASS! Thanks so much for your hospitality.

Kim & Greg Meacham Salt Lake City, UT

Thank you so much for a memorable, wonderful vacation! Shelly’s culinary expertise, Randy’s sailing expertise and your generous attitude has made our first family boating trip fantastic! Snorkeling was high on our list of “to-do’s” and we sure did it! Snorkeling in a different locale everyday for 6 days! Wow! Three Moons is certainly a 5-star experience!

Julie, Andy, Stefan & Austin Page Minneapolis, MN

We enjoyed our time with you immensely, and it really set the stage for a great week in the islands. Everything about our experience on Three Moons was flawless and fun, from the food to the yacht to the company. We only wish we could have spent more time with you!

Meredith Laitos, Sail Magazine

Paradise with a Jib- That’s Three Moons. Just let Randy pick the perfect island, beach or bar, Shelly will serve you some of the best food you’ve ever eaten.  Perfect crew members on a perfect boat...and there are turtles, too! XOXO!

Anna Quindlen, Pulitzer Prize Author

Thank you for your generous and gracious hospitality. From the beginning to end, this charter exceeded all expectations. Excellent, fun, carefree, relaxing and delicious. You guys are just wonderful at what you do and we all had a terrific time.  I've already raved about the Three Moons experience to a number of folks. Thank You!

Danny Meyer, Restaurateur, Union Square Hospitality Group

I think the best way we can express our gratitude is by giving Three Moons yacht the highest possible recommendation for prospective charterers.

Charlie Haughey, Former Prime Minister of Ireland